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We run complete search engine optimisation and internet marketing campaigns for clients in order to get their web sites to the top of Google and the other major search engines for their chosen key search phrases, and keep them there.

SEO services

There's no point in having a gorgeous new website if your customers can't find it using the search words they would expect to use. In our SEO work we analyse which search keywords they are using, and which ones are worthwhile and winnable. We then optimise your web pages and build a link network for the chosen search phrases, and then monitor and report monthly on progress towards your SEO goals.

We have an SEO service for three different stages of growth.

SEO starter

We analyse the search keywords your customers are using, pick those you wish to compete on and optimise each page of your website for the chosen keyword.

SEO blog

We set up a network of 6 blog sites and write 1 new article per month per site. We also distribute these articles to other third party blog sites. All of this is designed to grow your web presence and visibility.

SEO social

To raise your profile even further we can manage your presence on Facebook and Twitter, providing updates frequently.

Google adwords campaigns

Google Adwords Certified ProfessionalIn addition, at any stage of growth, we can manage a Google adwords campaign for you. This is particularly appropriate when you have a large number of very specific keywords to target, each with a fairly small search volume - often called the 'long tail'.

I am a Google Adwords Qualified Professional.

Please contact us to discuss how we can get your website noticed by your new customers.







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